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Best videos of 2010 - Category: Interactive

Friday, December 31st, 2010

The interactive category is still a fairly new one, and there were only five I could have possibly put here. Three of them were really boring, but these both are worth spending some time with, particularly the first one.

Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait (taken from The Suburbs)

Plug in the address of the house you grew up in (or lived in at a significant time in your life) and via the magic of Google Maps, the video is set there. I actually found the experience very moving and cathartic, which I didn’t expect from a web application.

Au Revoir Simone - Knight of Wands (taken from Still Night, Still Light)

Who doesn’t like to color as the listen to music, right?

This is the end.

Best videos of 2010 - Category: Inexplicable

Friday, December 31st, 2010

These are brain candy. But it’s gourmet brain candy.

Broken Social Scene - All to All (taken from Forgiveness Rock Record)

When we were kids, my two sisters and I would stand at the top of the stairs, pretend to have a slow-motion fight where one of us would punch the other, who would then fall down the stairs, also in slow motion. The faller would get back up, charge up the stairs (again, still in slow-motion) and punch the other person down. We could cycle like this for hours.

Ratatat - Drugs (taken from LP4)

Just say maybe.

Aeroplane - Superstar (taken from We Can’t Fly)

Fashion has a price. If you’re going to be boring, you may as well be naked.

Holy Fuck - Red Lights (taken from Latin)

Cats are badass and you know it.

It’s not over yet…