That Sound #33 - Liam Finn, Weinland, Bob Mould, DeVotchKa, Ratatat remixed, more!

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I wrote a couple weeks ago about everyone needing more days off, and that issue became germane anew on Leap Day. “Twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five.” Fine, Industrial Revolution, you win. But do we really need “three-sixty-six”? Come on! Why not just declare International Stay at Home, Sleep Late, Call Your Old Friend You’ve Lost Touch With, Pick Up the Novel You got 25 Pages into Three Years Ago, Soak Your Feet and Drink a Bottle of Charles Shaw Day? It’s just one day, every four years! I can think of another day that comes once every four years that has done our nation less good than the one I’m proposing would.
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Liam Finn - Second Chance - I’ll Be Lightning
(website | myspace | Second Chance video | Second Chance on Letterman [a must-see])

Little Beirut - Acid Wash Soul - High Dive
(website | myspace | @

Weinland - Sick as a Gun - La Lamentor
(website | myspace | @ OPB)

Mobius Band - Mobius Band in a Green Cotton Sweater - Love Will Reign Supreme EP
(website | myspace)

Steve Smith - Comedown Queen - This Town
(website | myspace)

Bob Mould - The Silence Between Us - District Line
(website | myspace | @ ANTI)

Super Furry Animals - Run-Away - Hey Venus!
(website | myspace)

The Dodos - Jodi - session
(website | myspace)

Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor - Made in the Dark
(website | myspace | Ready for the Floor video)

Ida - Lovers Prayers - Lovers Prayers
(website | myspace)

DeVotchKa - Along the Way - A Mad and Faithful Telling :: out March 18
(website | myspace)

The Dirtbombs - Sherlock Holmes - We Have You Surrounded
(website | myspace)

Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave - Elephant Shell :: out April 22
(website | myspace | @ Daytrotter)

Ratatat - Cherry (”Bellmore” Remix by Easter Egg)
(website | myspace)

They Might Be Giants - High Five! - Here Come the 123s!
(website | other website | myspace | fan Wiki)

Liam Finn - Second Chance
Weinland - Sick As a Gun

Mobius Band - Mobius Band In A Green Cotton Sweater (Casiotone For The Painfully Alone cover)
Steve Smith - Comedown Queen
The Dodos - Jodi (live at Daytrotter)
Ida - Lovers Prayers
The Dirtbombs - Sherlock Holmes
Ratatat - Cherry (”Bellmore” Remix by Easter Egg) (via Local Cut)

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