Best videos of 2010 - Category: Best Cinematic Use of Conflict

On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, but take a trip to the mall on the 26th (known as Boxing Day in most Commonwealth countries) and any inner peace you may have felt with family and friends one short day ago will melt away like a snowman in a sauna.

Conflict, hostility, war are all still part of our world, and may always be. These videos portray this reality effectively in a dramatic and often poignant way.

Blitz the Ambassador - Something to Believe (taken from Stereotype)

The violence of poverty and indifference.

The Roots - The Fire (taken from How I Got Over)

The director’s statement from YouTube: “The Fire” chronicles a post-apocalyptic death march set in 1945 during the final stages of World War II in Europe. After a cataclysmic event renders the war futile, a paramilitary splinter group — led by a Kurtz-like figure known as The Commodore — forces the transfer of young men who will be used as labor…and food. The last survivor of the march receives a mysterious White Box which holds the key to survival.

M.I.A. - Born Free (taken from MAYA)

A great allegory, imagining a world where people with red hair are ethnically cleansed from society.

YouTube pulled this video from their site, because of how violent it is. Which, considering that its comments section would become a repository for antisocial 13-year-olds calling for a Kick a Ginger Day, it’s probably for the best. (It’s also NSFW.)

The Airborne Toxic Event - Neda (digital single)

This should really get its own category, because none of the other videos I’m mentioning here will make you go hug your kids, if you have them. Neda Agha-Soltan was killed by authorities in Iran on June 20, 2009 during a peaceful protest of the presidential election results.


of Montreal - Coquet Coquette (taken from False Priest)

So, I mentioned the last one should be in its own category, right? You won’t find any kind of statement in this beachfront tribal warfare, but I’m betting it was pretty fun to shoot.

You Say Party - Lonely’s Lunch (taken from XXXX)

Mosquito men from outer space fight the rebellion on the streets of India.

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (taken from Flamingo)

I’m not especially a Brandon Flowers fan, but this song is pretty good, and I like to imagine Charlize Theron’s action hero character here is actually Mr. F’s true secret identity.

It’s not over yet…

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